CiNURGi invites pioneers in nutrient recycling to step forward and share their success stories! Are you revolutionizing the way organic wastes are transformed into valuable fertilizers? Do you have a groundbreaking solution that reduces mineral fertilizer consumption while benefiting the environment? If so, we want to hear from you!

The call is open to all who are driving change in this vital field. We are seeking cases of value chains wherein nutrients from organic wastes in regions with nutrient surplus are processed into fertilizers that can be easily transported to regions lacking self-sufficiency in crop nutrients, or which in other ways contribute to nutrient recycling. We will evaluate proposed solutions through a weighted, combined assessment of the net costs for operating the value chains against their capitalised environmental and climatic net benefits, leading to a reduced mineral fertilizer consumption. Proposed cases should primarily be already commercialized but can also be in the later stages of development. Ideally, proposed cases should be based on organic wastes from wastewater treatment, industrial processes, or farming.

The prioritized cases will not only gain recognition with peers and colleagues but also receive international visibility through CiNURGi communication channels. They will automatically become candidates for the "Best Nutrient Recycling Award," a competition intended to raise awareness among stakeholders about successful and cost-effective nutrient recycling solutions. The top-performing cases will be showcased at a European-level event planned for the end of the project.

We invite anyone with a proposal to fill in and submit this easy and short template by 31 August 2024 -