'CiNURGi' stands for 'Circular nutrients for a sustainable Baltic Sea Region' and is an Interreg Baltic co-funded project that is implemented in the period November 2023 to October 2026. The Kick-Off Meeting happened in Gothenburg of Sweden in the days 29 November til 1 December 2023. The project is led by RI.SE and has 25 partners from the eight EU Member States around the Baltic Sea. 

Organe Institute is leading a task in the project about 'Market evaluation and policy review', which more specifiically aims at identifying exemplary cases of nutrient recycling within the sectors of wastewater treatment, food processing and other industries, as well as farming, and to analyse markets and policies that are important for these cases. The overall purpose is to increase recycling of nutrients in waste products so that they are brough back into the primary food productionn cycle, resulting in reduction of emissions to air, water and soils.