ORGANE participates in a new four-year project, BeSafeBeeHoney, that in many ways will support the development of the honeybee population and the honey production. The project is a COST Action, supported financially by the European Union. It has initially participation of 48 partners in 27 countries, mainly EU Member States, but also overseas countries like South Africa, Turkey and Argentina. The project will run in the period from Autumn 2023 till Autumn 2027.

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The European Commission has gathered Detailed information on honey production in the European Union, including its current status, importance for our economy and health, and the policy framework governing the sector. This information is a clear justification for the BeSafeBeeHoney project. 

In the BeSafeBeeHoney COST Action, it is ORGANE's expertise in market and policy analyses as well as in developing recommendations for good practices, codes of conduct and policy recommendations that mainly will characterise ORGANE's role. ORGANE will also be involved in stakeholder engagement, communication and dissemination, and in management of the COST Action, and will in this connection seek to involve Danish stakeholders and expertise related to apiculture, with due respect to involvement of young researchers and to secure gender balance.