Typically, authorities have developed crop production software that serves their needs. For instance, most EU countries have web pages or apps, where crop farmers can submit their crop subsidy application, including information about planned crops at their officially registered fields. In some cases, crop farmers can even in the same process register planned fertilisation of these crops. Crop farmers use these webpages or apps because they are forced to, and they typically only use them once or twice per year.

CropManager, on the contrary, is an everyday tool to help farmers with all aspects of their crop management. It is an app you would open several times a day on your mobile to check the weather forecast or soil moisture of your fields, to register purchase of chemicals or field operations, to find the cheapest and best combination of fertilisers for a given crop, etc. CropManager data is in the ownership of the crop farmer and does not flow to authorities or anybody else. Unless, of course, when the crop farmer has given access to other persons, such as employees or advisers.