Organe Institute, represented by Henning Lyngsø Foged, has co-authored an article in 'Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems' about the impact of European phosphorus policies on farm business economy and the environment, in cooperation with scientists from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Stockholm Environment Institute and University of Bonn. The conclusions are very clear: It is possible to reduce phosphosur balances, and thus the loss of phosphorus to the environment, through policy measures without causing major impacts on the gross margin of farms with chicken or pig production, especially if the farms are allowed to choose the method that in the most cost-efficient way would make them reduce their phosphorus balance. In many cases, the export of separation solids is the most advantageous method for reducing the phosphorus balance at farm level. Organe Institute has set its clear fingerprint on the article, among other by proposing the '4R principles for strengthened phosphorus management policies in farming'.

View the article here.