EIP-AGRI has selected ORGANE, represented by Henning Lyngsø FOGED to become member of a Focus Group on "Digital tools for sustainable nutrient management", which will start its work in March 2022. The relevance of this Focus Group is especially related to ORGANE's current involvement in the SYNECO project in Malta combined with the fact that ORGANE offers CropManager for Integrated Nutrient Management, which is being updated parallel with the SYNECO project implementation, giving the opportunity to adapt it to Malta context. CropManager is aiming at being a management tool for crop farmers' nutrient management, and in the same time a tool for making users able to comply with regulations, including delivering required documentation to the authorities. The main challenges faced during the last 14 years working with implementation of CropManager in countries like Latvia and Lithuania, has been to link CropManager with the public registers. We have been met with the attitude that the public registers do not see it as their role to make their collected data inter-operational or re-useable, which makes it hard for us as service provider to deliver the quality services we would like to the crop farmers. ORGANE will work for establishing of standards, protocols and best practices for sharing data between public registers and nutrient management tool service providers, completely in line with the intentions of the Farm-to-Fork startegy that will introduce the use of Integrated Nutrient Management (INM), a.o. building on principles behind a FaST tool under development.