Organe Institute organised within the frames of IoF2020 an international webinar with the abovementioned title in cooperation with Training and Research Centre Futterkamp of the Agricultural Chamber of Schleswig-Holstein. The webinar enjoyed an overwhelming interest. About 230 people from 36 countries, representing dairy farmers, premix companies, research, consultants (including dairy farm advisers, veterinarians, management consultants, sales advisers,...), feed additive companies, technology providers, education, authorities, media and service providers had on beforehand registered for the event. The material from the webinar is here:

Detailled programme


  1. The challenges of the transition cow, with focus on negative energy, mineral and protein balance. Ole Lamp, Futterkamp.
  2. Composition of cost-effective supplements for transition cows, and their optimisation for precision supplementation. Jesper Madsen, Vilomix.
  3. Short video to introduce the background and explaining about precision supplementation, featuring Gerrit Arendse, Hof Arendse-Peters GbR and Henning Lyngsø Foged, Organe Institute.
  4. Formulating Ruminant Health: The role and effects of rumen protected amino acids and choline. Angela Schröder, KEMIN Europa NV.
  5. Novel Feed Ingredient Bovaer® (3-NOP) Enables Significant Reduction of Methane Emissions from Ruminants. Christer Ohlsson, DSM.
  6. Health-related results from practical testing of precision supplementation. Rimantas Stakauskas, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.
  7. ARLA’s current and future demands to suppliers in relation to animal welfare and climate footprint. Peter Stamp Enemark, ARLA.
  8. Productivity results from practical testing of precision supplementation. Ole Lamp, Futterkamp.
  9. Impacts and perspectives of Automated Precision Supplementation, including relation to Farm-to-Fork strategies and UN’s Global Sustainability Development Goals. Henning Lyngsø Foged, Organe Institute.
Recording of the entire webinar

Survey results